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(U)L.S are the initials for (Un) Limited Store located in Marseille. This structure promotes exhibitions, diffusions and productions of artists’multiples and books. (U)L.S gives artists a carte blanche, éditing a 12 pages black and white newspaper. 5000 to 10 000 copies are printed on rotary press, a tabloid format of 430mm by 290mm. This medium and its appropriation, is keeping in the lineage of “free papers”, a medium of impression and diffusion concerning any artistic offer, where no critical text appears, and closely connected to the artist book. (U)L.S offers the artists a paper to be appropriated or misappropriated, to create, to invent. Through its different locations of diffusion, it must spread and propagate, must be lost and then forgotten, for others again, be collected and preserved in order to be in a free circulation. To spread is to multiply and diversify the places of distribution. It’s also to be dispossessed of the newspaper for the benefit of an unpredictable and not traditional way. It is an autonomous work for an autonomous distribution. In this trajectory, the newspaper is going to disappear little by little, to get lost. unlimited store is a structure which wonders about the distribution of an artistic proposition. Always in search of new means of distribution, it tries to reinvent for every number different distribution means. Most of the artists that we have invited are involved in an editorial process. We contact artists that could be interested in working inside a newspaper. For the first issue in february 2008, (U)L.S gave a carte blanche to la documentation céline duval. Céline Duval makes archives in an iconographic base of personal amateur photographs, press pictures, postcards. The classification of this documentation is the source of numerous publications. For this newspaper she diverts the sports newspaper and create an amateur’s magazine by confronting photos of persons in situations of balance. For the next (U)L.S numbers, (un)limited store asked a “carte blanche” to Michalis Pichler and Peter Downsbrough. Michalis Pichler proposes a photographic selection of umbrellas abandoned in a urban space on a four days trip with unpredictable routes. And Peter Downsbrough relates the reflection on the distance between the newspaper and the reader, between a page and the next one. The (U)L.S n°3 in october 2008 will be of a different kind, Nathalie Amaé will act as a curator for the newspaper.